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2011 Award
The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes
(Gary Rubinstein and Mark Pett, Sourcebooks $14.99 Score:)

If you have a budding perfectionist in your house, this is a book to share!  Beatrice Bottomwell NEVER makes mistakes...until she does -  and it happens in a very, very public space. The concept of perfection is address with humor that will touch a chord with many kids (and their parents).  The resolution is, of course, that no one can be perfect--and that a well-rounded life includes some mistakes and an even bigger dose of laughter. We hope that Beatrice is a new storybook character that will take on other childhood issues. 

Age: Early School Years, Later School Years. Award Year: 2011. Click here to purchase the product on

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2010 Award
Roy Morelli, Steps Up to the Plate
(by Thatcher Heldrin, Delacorte $15.99 Score:)

Need a chapter book to interest a baseball player who would rather be on the field? Roy Morelli's story will resonate with a lot of boys who love to play baseball and dream of making the varsity team. Instead of that, when Roy's grades begin to slide, his divorced parents agree that he needs to play less and learn more. He is forced to play with the local "rec" league and get tutored by his dad's girlfriend. 9-12

Age: Later School Years, Tweens. Award Year: 2010. Click here to purchase the product on

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2002 Award
Tiger Rising
(by Kate DiCamillo, Candlewick $12.99 Score:) Twelve-year-old Rob finds a caged tiger in the woods and shares his secret with his only friend, Sistine, a feisty girl who, like Rob, is aching from a broken family. A sad and moving story about letting go of angry feelings and losses in order to make new connections. 10 & up.

Age: Later School Years. Award Year: 2002.

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