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Miracle Bubbles Glow Fusion
(Imperial Toy Company $9.99 Score:)

We had so many inquiries from our testers who were interested in bubbles that glow that we had to try them!  Here's the scoop. When you add the activation solution, it does seriously glow. This is a chemical reaction that happens very quickly. The downside, is that the bubbles themselves do not glow very much, but when they land, they do leave a glowing residue (that doesn't stain). The glow lasts for four hours. So you may be disappointed with the actual bubbles, the majority of our testers still thought the solution lighting up was pretty cool. We hope they can eventually find a way to make the bubbles glow!

Age: Preschool, Early School Years. Award Year: 2012. Click here to purchase the product on

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2004 Award
Super Size Bubble Wand
(Little Kids $7.99 Score:) Bubbles are always a big hit with kids (and adults) of all ages. Whether you're two and chasing after them or 12 and making four foot bubbles, this is a crowd pleaser. This kit comes with a oversized foldable purple wand that has rainbow colored plastic links around a nylon rope. The company says the rope is the secret to the success of the bubbles because the fabric of the rope absorbs more bubble solution. Whatever the explanation, we found it was relatively easy to use after some experimenting. Also comes with a small bottle of concentrated bubble solution that you need to mix with warm water before you start. The bottle says you should let the solution set for 24 hours but we tested it and it really worked well right away. Concentrate will make 16 ozs. of solution. We found that the bubbles were not as juicy and as easy to make with premade solution.

Age: Preschool,Early School Years. Award Year: 2004.

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No Spill Bubble Tumbler
(Little Kids $2.99 Score:) The No Spill Bubble Tumbler solves that oh so familiar and upsetting moment when the bottle of bubble solution spills all over the ground. Here the wand goes into the container and is loaded with just the right amount of solution to make a bubble. If you turn the container upside down, nothing will spill out, really! The containers come in mini, regular and super sized (with three wands). A great example of a classic toy made even better by an innovative design.

Age: Toddlers,Preschool,Early School Years. Award Year: .

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