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2012 Awards
Hape Little School Bus
(HaPe $10 Score: )

Beep, beep! A little wooden yellow school bus with finger holes for easy grasping. It has no sounds, except the sounds you and your little one provide. Scaled for early games of pretend, this is a good choice for crawling babies 10 months & up.

SNAP: The finger holes on this little vehicle makes it easier for grasping than others. 

Age: Infants, Toddlers. Award Year: 2012. Click here to purchase the product on Amazon.com.




2012 Award
Sassy Light-up Caterpillar
(Sassy $8.99 Score: )

Attach this big eyed fabric caterpillar to the stroller or use it for lap games. There are four segments, black on white polka-dots and white on black dots, a green velour like head and a bright yellow corduroy segment, as well. You can hang them all on the yellow ring or interest baby in grabbing the textured purple ring. Push the segment that says press and it has small lights that blink and electronic music. We are not thrilled with high pitched electronic music, but this is something only an adult will be able to activate. You can use it for auditory tracking by moving it from the left or right side of baby's head. Newborn & up.

Age: Infants. Award Year: 2012. Click here to purchase the product on Amazon.com.




2012 Award
Nat Geo Wild Puzzles
(Uncle Milton $5.99 & up Score: )

Our testers gave high marks to this new collection of puzzles from Nat Geo Wild. We tested three different types of puzzles in the line: Panorama Puzzles that feature Penguins, Lions or Ring-Tailed Lemurs. This particular puzzle comes with three separate puzzles that you then connect to create a satisfying 34" x 15" puzzle.  The fact that you're working on separate puzzles makes this more accessible to younger children.  We also recommend the African Lion - contains 100 pieces  that creates a 12" x 9" puzzle.  We found the lion particularly challenging-- there are many dark pieces that take some time to figure out.  In otherwords, these are perfect for doing together-- but will likely be too frustrating to most younger school-aged kids. Even more gifty, are the two tin sets that come with three puzzles, each with 150 pieces. We tested the Big Cats Deluxe Puzzle collection, but there is also a Majestic Mamals set as well that features a Gorilla, Dolphin, and Elephant.

Age: Early School Years, Later School Years, Tweens. Award Year: 2012.




2012 Awards
Imaginetics Race Day
(International Playthings $7.99 Score: )

A magnetic board with a race track graphic and lots of colorful cars to move around the track. A 16-piece set that invites imaginative play, story telling, and quiet time. Take it along on your next trip to a waiting room or for making time fly as you travel.

Age: Preschool, Early School Years. Award Year: 2012. Click here to purchase the product on Amazon.com.




2012 Award
eeBoo Fancy Scissors
(eeBoo $5 Score: )

There are six pairs of Fancy Scissors, each with a different kind of edge. There are zig zags, scallops, sawtooth edges that are perfect for making cards, giftwrapping, borders for bookmarks, or scrapbooking. Getting kids to develop their fine motor skills has never been more fun. These work well for righties as well as lefties. Pair these with some of eeBoo's new paper packs of printed squares. Also available Plain stainless steel scissors with two color handles($3.50) and a blunt tip but sharp enough for success. 5 & up.

Age: Early School Years, Later School Years, Tweens. Award Year: 2012.


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