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2013 Award
Creativity for Kids Fashion Macrame
(Creativity for Kids $19.99 Score: )

Often the directions determine if a kit works well or not. In this case kids get clear step-by-step instructions for making colorful bracelets, necklaces, key chains, headband, and even a belt! The kit comes with a 200+ feet of cord, a generous supply, as well as colorful beads, hooks, key ring, plus glue and scissors. Great choice for play dates or solo craft time. This is one of those perennial crafts that develops fine motor skills and rewards patience with finished products that kids can use. Marked 7 & up, but we'd say it's a better bet for slightly older kids with more dexterity.

Age: Early School Years, Later School Years. Award Year: 2013.




2013 Award
eeBoo Pipe Cleaners
(eeBoo $3.95 Score: )

Sets of very long pipe cleaners packed 36 in a set with fluffy ones and thin ones. Each package comes in a range of hues of a single color. There is a set of pinks and lavenders, another pack with hues of blues. Ideal for craft projects with suggested techniques on the package. These do have sharp tips, as do all pipe cleaners, so they are marked for 8 & up.

Age: Later School Years. Award Year: 2013.




2013 Award
Creativity for Kids The Complete Paper Jewelry Set
(Creativity for Kids $22.95 Score: )

Enough supplies for making over 200 paper beads! A splendid kit for learning the technique for making big and little paper beads with colorful patterned, solid colored papers. The kit includes two tools for making the beads, gel cord, paper flowers, seed beads, sequins, varnish, paint brush and stencils for making more bead papers. 7 & up.

Age: Early School Years, Later School Years. Award Year: 2013. Click here to purchase the product on




2013 Award
X treme Sticker Maker Set
(Creativity for Kids $29.95 Score: )

The "X" design of this new sticker maker makes for a fun modern piece of room decor. And even better, it's very easy to use. The set comes with many sets of premade art for coloring in (including a page of velvet-shaped art), but from our point of view we loved that you can make your own stickers from photographs or things you find in magazines. Comes with markers, a sticker journal, pre-made shapes and one refill. Additional refills are available from the company for $7.95.

Age: Early School Years, Later School Years. Award Year: 2013. Click here to purchase the product on




2013 Awards
Manhattan Toy Finger Paint Fun
(Manhattan Toy $20 Score: )

Designed for little hands, this fingerpaint kit comes in a cute tin carrying case loaded with four colors of washable finger paint, three plastic scrapers with different edges and three stampers. Ideal for exploring textures, colors, and open-ended hands-on painting. You will need to provide the paper, apron or smock and drop cloth to protect the work surfaces. 3 & up.

SNAP: Chubby handles on the painting tools are easier to grasp and ready for exploring.  Some children are reluctant to put their hands directly into the paint, while others will see no reason to use the tools. Either way, with tools or hands-on painting offers opportunities for them to see how paints blend to form new colors as well as giving concrete meaning to words like wavy, straight, jagged, wiggly, etc. It also encourages whole hand, arm and finger motions that provide a sense of control and sensory feedback. Messy? Sure. But play and learning go hand in hand with some messiness. Cover up their clothes and the work surface and be prepared for serious clean-up. Keep it playful.

Age: Preschool. Award Year: 2013. Click here to purchase the product on


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